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Growing Old With You

Growing Old With You is a life long performance project which attempts to document lived experience in real time. Starting in 2010, and for every 10 years for the rest of their lives, Search Party will create a performance exploring ideas of age, duality and accumulation. Over the course of a life-time we hope to create a series of works in which we, the work and the audience all grow old together.
This first performance marks the approach of our 30th birthdays.

Search Party are interested in the process of aging not simply as a march towards death but as a celebration of a life fully lived. The body becoming a map, a terrain charting its lived history. We are interested in the emotive act of exposing the intimate aspects our own aging process and its irrevocable link with the audiences’. Growing Old With You provokes the audience into confronting the inevitability of their own aging process, asking questions about the limitations of this temporal existence. To take part in Search Party's life long project visit: www.growingoldwithyou.co.uk

Credits: Growing Old With You has been developed through support from Arts Council England, The Showroom (University of Chichester) and Ferment at the Bristol Old Vic. Research and Development with the support of BAC, South Hill Park, and Forest Fringe.